5 Things You’ll Hate When You’re A Novelist

I’ve written before about how pursuing your dreams comes at a cost. Writing novels has changed me as a person, and not all of those changes have been for the good. I enjoyed this insightful post, and have to say I agree with all five of these. We are unhealthy introverts with messy houses waiting for that next writing high.

Frank Frisson


Being a novelist is far from what I thought it’d be like as a child. Others can argue, but I believe that there are way more things to hate about being a novelist than love. In this blog post you’ll find five such things. If you still want to be a novelist after this post, then welcome to the guild: because you already are one!

1. Not Experiencing the Writer’s High:

Yes, writing novels, or the art thereof, can be as addictive as any alcohol beverage, illegal drug, or cigarette. How? Well, the first time you manage to write something truly beautiful, you might notice that you are experiencing something similar to euphoria. Yep, you can get a kind of high from “writing something beautiful”, and I don’t mean a single high from having written an entire novel. I’m talking about that single beautiful chapter, page, paragraph, and even…

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