Dancing for joy


From Viva Institute, a site for nutritional counseling and holistic care of the mind, body and spirit. Please click on the image to visit the website.

It is the winter solstice, the time  in the northern hemisphere when nights are the longest and when the power of daylight begins once again to grow.  This celebration of the light reverberates throughout our holiday traditions as we collectively share the joy of the lengthening day.

Dancing for joy is a part of these rituals, and is so beautifully captured in images across the web.  I share one of my favorites here, from a holistic health site that I hope you will thank with a quick visit.

I also share my thanks for your visit to my blog, and with those thanks go my wishes to you for joy, for light and for dancing (and not necessary in that order) as you embrace or invent your own traditions of happiness and share them over the holidays with those that you love.


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  2. Pingback: Dancing for joy | 46. Ascending

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