y1 available at smashwords.com

When publishing an electronic book, the first decision to be made is whether to accept the Kindle “deal”.  It’s called Kindle Select and Amazon pushes it hard.  Give us all the electronic rights to your novel for at least 90 days, they say, and we will put you in a lending library that can yield you big bucks AND we will let you give your book away for free during five special promotional days.

smashwords logoThe alternative is to say no, and to also publish your book at the iTunes store, Barnes and Nobel, Sony, Kobo, Deisel, etc.  Or, say no and publish your book on a little known website called smashwords.com that will distribute it to all of the above and then some.  Because I just plain like gutsy little endeavors like smashwords, I went this second route with my first novel x0. But, because I like comparing results, I tried the Kindle Select deal with y1.

And now, it is 91 days later. Total dollars from the Kindle lending library? Zero.  No surprise given that users can borrow just one book a month.  Total promotional copies of y1 given away? 675.  This is a number that brings me a good deal of joy and I can only hope that some of these folks actually read the book.

The exciting thing about this being day 91 is that it means that I can legally and ethically make y1 available on smashwords today and so I have. It can now be downloaded in a format to print out or to read on almost anything.  Please check out the nifty smashwords page for the book.

And for those potential readers who just do not want to read a book electronically?  Good news.  Over the next couple of weeks y1 will also become available IN PAPERBACK through Amazon.com.  More details will follow.