I’ve been interviewed

Please check out the blog “The Cult of Me” for a short interview of mine.  Fellow indie author Michael Brookes also shares interesting observations about the process of writing on his blog, and features regular interviews with those of us trying to get started as new authors. It’s a fun blog to follow.

I also have Michael to thank for pointing out to me how easy it would be to make paperback copies of x0 and y1 available. I ordered a copy of his book “The Cult of Me” and was impressed with both the quality of the physical book and with his story so far.

It is likely that both x0 and y1 will be available in paperback soon!

5 thoughts on “I’ve been interviewed

  1. Sherrie, what source are you using to print the paperback copies of your book? Also, where did you get the idea of using the term “magical realism” to describe your books? (LOL)

    • A genius named Bob Craton, who is fine writer himself, suggested the sub-genre to me and subsequent research verified that he had indeed correctly identified my type of storytelling. I am quite grateful to him 🙂

      • I’m not really a genius, I just have a daughter who is a college professor teaching literature. PS: Thanks for the info about printing.

  2. Sherrie, what source are you using to print your books? Also, what gave you the idea to use the term “magical realism” to describe your books? (LOL)

  3. Hi Bob. Michael used Create Space to make paperback copies available through Amazon. It can be free or you can get some of the formatting done for a fee. The cover, printing and paper all looked very professional. There is of course no marketing except your own, but for those who already want to read it and don’t like electronic books it seems like a fine solution.

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