y1 free: you can do it tomorrow

If you would like to download y1 to your kindle FOR FREE and missed the first promotional day, you can do it tomorrow.  Sunday September 23, y1 is available for free download at http://www.amazon.com/y1-ebook/dp/B00951DIIG.

I love the phrase “you can do it tomorrow.”  Today is technically the first day of autumn and it is seventy degrees with a clear blue sky in Houston.  Trust me this is not a common occurance here in late September or, as we locals call it, mid-summer. When something this unusual happens, you need to pour  yourself a morning beverage and sit on your front porch. And if your messy kitchen or pile of dirty laundry or other inside chore calls to you ….. you yell back over your shoulder  “I can do it tomorrow.”  Or at least later this afternoon….because  autumn mornings need to be enjoyed.

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