y1 is done!

A mother knows that eventually she has to let her children go, in order for them to blossom into the wonderful people that she always hoped that they would be.  And so, at some point, an author has to let a book go.  Stop with the rewrites.  No more obsessing.  Put it out there to be enjoyed, disliked, ignored or praised.  Whatever.  It is done.

And so as of  September 1, I declared to myself that y1 was finished. It is now available here at amazon.com. Please check it out! Any further obsessing will be done here on my blog instead :).

2 thoughts on “y1 is done!

  1. Congratulations! I just have the feeling that this book is going to be sensational!!

    I’m too late to buy the first copy – but I’d like to buy one of the first hundred copies so I’m going to Amazon now!!


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